Who are You, and What is Your Source of Strength?

I just watched Thor Ragnarok yesterday. It was brainless entertaining— my favourite kind of movies. But as usual, as with most other Marvel movies, there are some cheesy and “deep” lines in the movies, and yes, I’m an absolute sucker for those moments. As you probably can infer, this post will be about one of such moments, so, a disclaimer: small spoiler alert if you belong to one of those who cannot watch a movie after knowing just anything about the movie, but no big spoilers ahead.

As you all might already have known from the trailers/ synopsis, Thor’s signature hammer is destroyed by his evil sister, the Goddess of Death, Hela. In previous movies, Thor has always been portrayed in a manner such that his strength is inseparable from his hammer. Naturally, he now feels absolutely powerless without his hammer. In a scene where Thor is seconds away from being killed by his sister Hela, Thor imagines a conversation with his father, Odin. Thor cries to Odin saying, “I am powerless without my hammer.” And here comes the part that I loved. Odin replies Thor with a question, asking, “Are you the God of Hammer, or are you the God of Thunder?” (“The hammer was to help you control your power.”) Upon this eureka moment, Thor transforms to a super powerful super hero who matches, if not surpasses, the power of his sister.

Here’s the message I found impactful: While Thor is powerful with his hammer, the moment it is destroyed, he instantaneously becomes crushed and powerless when he (mistakenly) believes that the source of his power originates from the hammer. Yet, Odin reminds him that this is untrue, and that his source of power is far greater— he is the God of Thunder— far mightier and limitless compared to that of a hammer. Instantly, his strength is restored. Thor’s source of strength is inseparable from his identity.

Does this not sound like us? What are the hammers in our lives that we believe defines us, and from which we derive our source of strength or place our hope in? Have we been crushed and powerless when our hammers were destroyed? Yet, what is our true identity? Is it not that we have been called children of God— the God who is infinitely mightier and stronger than anything that exists, and who promises to withhold nothing from us. Our source of strength is inseparable from our identity. If you find your strength failing you, perhaps, like Thor, you need to hold fast to your true identity.